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Melanie T.

After watching lots of HGTV and bookmarking things on Pinterest, I thought I knew my taste. I also thought I would know what I was doing when selecting furnishings and decor that would work in our new home. After working with Nadine I realized how wrong I was. First of all, I realized that I knew nothing about proper scale, and selecting the right size of furnishings to fill my space. Second, I thought that selecting items that appeared to have similar tones would just “work” together. Wrong again. I now know that there is so much more thought and planning involved in designing even the simplest of color schemes, space management, and creating the overall environment that makes a space feel like home. Nadine has an eye for detail that allowed me to integrate the older pieces that I wanted to keep with the new items that I wanted to purchase, and pull them all together within budget. I am so glad I listened to her advice and cannot recommend her enough.