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Use The Things: Spatula

WHAT IS UPPPPP!!  It may have been a while since a new post has appeared.  Turns out this year was quite eventful and we have a new baby and a new place to call home (well… in the process of moving).  In any case, heyo from me and I’ve missed you.

On to the good stuff.

They always say that creativity loves constraints.  I definitely agree.  To me, the most inspirational buildings, interiors, photographs, literature, artwork, etc come from the unique histories, motivations, and experiences of the creator and/or users.

So let’s talk about the home.  And the people both big and small that we want to use these homes of ours to love.

This morning I was making pancakes.  Gluten free pancakes.  With a mix.  I definitely avoided looking at the nutrition facts because I wanted to remain blissfully ignorant of how much sugar I was feeding my people and myself.  It’s responsible.  And then we enjoyed ourself some pancakes.  As I was sitting there waiting to flip, I acknowledged my spatula.


Genius.  A genius little piece of creativity that helps me love my family.  Because my family FREAKING LOVES pancakes.  Thank you, spatula.

Spatulas also can become microphones.  My mom is the Celine Dion of spatula singing.  I totally felt loved when my mom threw the spatula to me for the chorus.

Spatulas often scrape the goo off of stuff.  Like the crazy annoying stickers that always wind up on new mirrors.  And picture frames.  Bless you, spatula.  Because of you, my kids and I have an afternoon activity that qualifies as hard work and togetherness, yet results in clean mirrored surfaces.

I use my spatula to love my people when my spatula becomes the ultimate “scoop truck” out in the sand box.  And by sand box I mean my raised vegetable beds in the off season.  Maybe that’s culinary obscenity.  I say #reallifewithboys.

With my spatch (shout out to @spatch, my ever so talented Olympian cousin) I remove cookies from pans, shuffle stir-frys, scramble eggs, flip burgers, and turn grilled cheese sandwiches.  I feed my fam awesome stuff and use my spatula on the daily.

Use that spatula.  Love those people.

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